Material Hauling

Heavy Haul Trailer

Material Handling

Victor Enterprises, Inc. provides a variety of services such as hauling with an 8 axle heavy haul low boy trailer at up to a 55-60 ton capacity, for example. We specialize in material handling and can do dump service up to 38 tons. We also have Tri-Axle dump trucks with 21 tons of capacity and we perform Slinger service at 21 ton capacity. As always, with materials handling environmental concern, health and safety are our priorities, no matter what.


Our experience and the fact that we genuinely care about what we do is why we have been in business for 10 years. Our dedication to teamwork means no job is left understaffed and nothing is left to chance when it comes to construction work, long hauls across country, or dangerous materials handling. When it comes to shipping and hauling across the country and the world things change. Our staff are all constantly educated on the changing laws, and they all have up to date training on all equipment. Trust Victor Enterprises, Inc. in Victor NY to complete any hauling, dumping or construction job you may need.
Truck Driving on Highway

Customer Satisfaction

Victor Enterprises, Inc. has a reputation for great service. Delivering services on time and on budget is just one of the things we do to bring customers and clients satisfaction. Communication is very important to us at Victor Enterprises, Inc. and with our client too. You'll be up to date on the status of project whether it's shipping, dumping, materials handling or construction. Call us today at 585-742-2232 and ask us how we can help.
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